Monday, March 21, 2011

happy. :)

simple things from someone you love could mean the world to you :)

i hated how all these changes are coming so drastically,particularly in our relationship. i hate the distance. i hate missing him. i hate my negative thoughts about what he's always up to. i hate how i make him feel like i don't trust him at times. yeah, because we're miles apart and it's just killing me not being with him like how it used to.

the lonesomeness is just way too painful whenever i'm alone in my room and could think of just wanting to always be with him everyday of my life. i wanna spend all my time being with him(which i know won't be possible to happen now or anytime soon because he has to work).

last night was never different from all of the past nights without him.

but what he did last night has just blown me off. my tears fell, i couldn't helped it. i was so happy. he did something so great. he did something no one else ever did, really. it made me love him more. i swear!

he may never be that handsome or tall or intelligent. he's not perfect i know, but he's the right one for me,for now.

he has done a lot for me and i couldn't thank him enough for everything. i know, i can feel it, he loves me so much and i am so blessed to have someone who loves me this way. i really couldn't ask for anything more right now..

You're still so good to me Lord. despite who and what i am, you're always here for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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