Monday, January 18, 2010

hmmm? :)

i'm the only one in the house who's still awake.. it's late already and i have this insomnia again.. :) i was checking on my Facebook and twitter, read some random things about random friends and random people when i suddenly felt random :) weird,eh?
hmm i've reaed several tweets of some people on how they enjoyed much of their day and how busy they are, and i thought, how i wanted to have a busy and happy life like them.. i mean, i want it to happen like, always.. :) haha well, i somehow i feel tired already of not having to do much fun stuffs, i always worry about something and i think i'm focusing too much on one thing that i never get to enjoy the rest of what i have.. get me? i hope you do. haha
i miss the life i used to have.. less worries,just pure fun! haaay i wish i could get to have that life again. it's really all up to me,ayt? problem is, i don't know how to begin. :) haha
right now, it's all i wanna do. i wanna have fun fun fun. i want happiness.. and, i'll try to start to live like that first thing tomorrow :) haha

that's all for now :) ciao! :)

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