Friday, June 4, 2010

friends.. for keeps :)

i'm going to blog because i don't feel well..

its really sad when you get too attached to the people you always hang out with and then suddenly, they have to go to places for some reasons.. :(

been hanging out everyday with my super friends for almost 4months straight 'til now and i'm getting used to this...
they've been like a part of my daily routine, that whenever we don't see/call/talk/text each other in a day, would make me feel sad and lacking...

now, one by one, they're leaving. not for good, but then i'm still gonna miss them :(

mik2x-went to the states
shan and buray-busy with their reviews

and now tap2x, my closest friend, more like my brother, is leaving for cebu. :(

i know we all have different lives to live. i completely understand that.. it's just that, i'm really really really going to miss them.. :(

our tagay sessions, laag2x, kaon2x, chikka2x and everything..

it wouldn't be the same anymore,i know... i just hope that wherever we go, whatever we do, we won't be able to forget what we have.. FRIENDSHIP!

i love my friends so much. they're like my brothers and sisters :) we've shared a lot of laughs and tears. :) they were there when i needed them the most and i love them so much for that.

mawala na ang tanan dili lang sila :)

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