Wednesday, November 24, 2010

hey! :(

i don't know, but despite everything, he still means a lot to me.. i find it so hard to let go and just forget him because he taught me a lot and that's really something... i miss him.. i miss how he used to be.. i miss how we used to be.. i miss it when he'd tell me he loves me and how he cares for me.. everything has changed now and it hurts me a lot...

no more "island view's"...
no more US :(

he's obviously happy now and unfortunately, i feel the opposite :( i feel lacking... i feel empty... i feel abandoned and ignored... i feel so unloved... i feel so unworthy... i feel so useless.. i am really really hopeless now...

and yea! i'm hopeless! so what am i still doing here??! stupid!! i know right? :(
i just feel like, i still want to be a part of him in any way possible.. truth is.. i cant afford losing him.. not now.. i know not what to do anymore... can't think straight... can't do anything right...

i am a loser!! or not? i don't know! i don't know what i am.. all i know is,
I NEED HIM this baaaaaaaaaaaad :(

i wish he knows how i feel.

i still love you...... so much :(

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