Friday, February 5, 2010

the reply :)

OMG! i just couldn't believe it:) i'm like so happy!! yey!! haha why? remember i told you that i greeted bryan during his birthday and have had no reply? well, he replied! and i think he was kind of touched when i greeted him that's why he has sent me a very kind response haha haaay no! this is nothing! i'm just happy because he is still the same person i once knew :) he really hasn't changed.. and, i miss him. i really told him i miss him. well i don't care what he'd think about it anyway :)) haha and he asked for my cellphone number! like, WHAT? haha okay, he's not the kind of guy that would still hang out with his ex's so yah, i'm like so surprised. i gave him my number immediately. of course, i wanna know how he's rollin' this days you know :) weeeee i am just so happy :) his reply completed my day :) and now,i can sleep with a smile painted on my face hahahaha or a tear to fall down on my cheeks? WTF! :(

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